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Events > New York Aromatized: At Barrel with Atsby New York Vermouth

New York Aromatized: At Barrel with Atsby New York Vermouth
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New York is abuzz with vermouth these days! It seems Carpano Antica started the snowball effect, Dolin Vermouth de Chamberay strapped a jetpack to said snowball, and here we are, in the midst of an aromatized wine renaissance. Most wine and spirit connoisseurs will say bring it on while a brave few have actually gone out and created some very interesting vermouths.

Atsby New York Vermouth is the brainchild of self-proclaimed "boozehound and cultural history geek," Adam Ford. Adam pays hommage to the traditional style of vermouth in marrying wine, sugar, and strong spirit together. It just so happens that the wine is Chardonnay from Long Island and the spirit is Apple Brandy from the Finger Lakes. A locovore's dream! Add to that a panoply of exotic botanicals and the result is two expressions- Atsby Amberthorn Vermouth and Atsby Armadillo Cake Vermouth

Join Adam Ford for an exploration of these new vermouths as he elaborates on the project that has New York buzzing!


Admission to this tasting is FREE, and reservations are not required!