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Events > Riesling in Springtime: The Donnhoff Identity

Riesling in Springtime: The Donnhoff Identity
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Terry Thiese
is the leading importer of Riesling in the New York market. His palate has guided artfully crafted bottlings of many a producer throughout Germany and Austria to our shores. On the topic of the Nahe's premier producer, Helmut Dönnhoff, Thiese says, "In this humble taster’s opinion, these are the greatest Rieslings on earth. No other wine, anywhere, exceeds the clarity, polish, complexity and sheer beauty of flavor of this grower’s finest wines. Simply, like the most perfect Riesling that can ever be."

Join us as present the electrifying wines of Helmut Dönnhoff in this comprehensive fashion. Sample eight different vineyard sites, 14 wines in all, many of which hail from the stunning 2011 vintage. Never at a loss for words, Terry Thiese shares his thoughts on the 2011 Dönnhoffs, "I think the very tranquility of the 2011 vintage worked in favor of Dönnhoff’s style, for otherwise I can’t possibly explain why this vintage, even by his own standards, is so miraculous.”

Featured wines will be presented by Terry Thiese portfolio specialists Valerie Masten and Clint Sloan.

Admission to this tasting is FREE, and reservations are not required!