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Dewazakura - Dewasansan
Dewazakura - Dewasansan "Green Ridge" Junmai Ginjo (1.80L)
1.80L SKU770158
Dewazakura - Dewasansan
Dewazakura - Dewasansan "Green Ridge: Primal Strength" Junmai Ginjo (Nama Genshu) (500ml)
This heady nama-zake from Dewazakura is undiluted with water, so it retains the richness of sake bottled straight after brewing. Wine lovers might find it similar in texture to white Châteauneuf-du-Pape, though the aromas... more
500ml SKU300133
0 Dewazakura Ouka Ginjyoshu
Dewazakura Ouka Ginjyoshu (300ml)
300ml SKU003481
Dewazakura - Oka Ginjo (720ml)
Dewazakura - Oka Ginjo (720ml)
Sake aficionados consider this Yamagata-based brewery one of Japan's finest sources of ginjos and daiginjos. Dewazakura's Oka started ginjo-fever when it was released to Japanese consumers in the early 1980s as an affordable and... more
720ml SKU003480
Dewazakura - Tobiroku Sparkling Nigori (300ml)
300ml SKU078556