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Date printed: Apr 19, 2014

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0 Billecart-Salmon - Brut Champagne

NV Billecart-Salmon - Brut Champagne

Price on Apr 19, 2014: $49.99


Is this the food friendliest Champagne in the United States? This prototypical blend of two Pinots (Noir and Meunier) and Chardonnay from one of France's most respected Champagne houses has enjoyed status as the featured by-the-glass bubbly at Danny Meyer's heralded Union Square Café since day one. Historically, bottles were impossible to find due to limited production controlled with an iron grip by the elusive importer Robert Chadderdon. Though production has increased in recent years, proprietor Francois Roland-Billecart has made great efforts to maintain the wine's integrity. This vibrant Champagne boasts appealing floral aromas and flavors of sweet pear with a subtly creamy finish bolstered by its delicate mousse. Outstanding on its own as a celebratory aperitif, the Billecart Brut also pairs well with your favorite light delicacies and hors d'ouevres. 

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