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Date printed: Apr 24, 2014

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Aiyu Brewery - Ume Shu Plum Sake (375ml)

Price on Apr 24, 2014: $24.99


This Ibaraki prefecture-based brewery produces a surprising number of distinctive bottlings. Though they may not excite purists, Aiyu's sakes do manage to find fans with first-timers just looking to try something tasty. This singular beverage combines sake with Japanese umeshu (plum liqueur) for an beverage that looks like apple juice and smells like lavender, vanilla frosting, and sliced plums. Despite its sweet, perfumed aromas, the Ume sake stays fresh in the mouth with flavors of bright green plum that finish with prickly tartness—neither cloying nor sugary. This is the perfect sake to enjoy on the rocks or in a cocktail tumbler spruced up with a sprig of fresh mint and a spritz of sparkling wine. 

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