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Date printed: Apr 25, 2014

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Jameson Irish Whiskey

Price on Apr 25, 2014: $36.99

URL: https://www.unionsquarewines.com/wines/--w7907110fm

Jameson Irish Whiskey is composed of malted and unmalted barley located within a 50-mile radius of Jameson Distillery in County Cork, Ireland. Since 1780, when businessman John Jameson purchased the Bow Street Distillery in Dublin, Jameson has used the somewhat arduous process of pure pot still distilling. Although pure pot distilling is slower and more costly than popular column stills, many Irish producers feel certain qualities are compromised by "rushing" distillation. Jameson's complex profile of peach and toffee assures that good things come to those who wait. Slàinte! 

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